• Polarised UV400
  • Scratch resistant
  • Ballistic nylon frame
  • Flex2Fit temples
  • Soft touch finish
  • 360 degress of UV protection
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Case and cloth
  • Lifetime warranty

Designed to be worn over prescription eyewear

The Cocoons collection features unique elements not found in any other sunglasses. Designed to fit comfortably and securely over 99.5% of all prescription eyewear frames, the patented OveRx designs are engineered to deliver unparalleled protection from damaging UV light and harsh glare. Integrated brow and underside protection eliminate reflected light from the peripheral, from above and below. Injected polycarbonate side shields also block peripheral light without compromising the wearers range of vision. The result is a collection of frame styles that delivers 40% more protection than conventional sunglasses. Frames come in a choice of two colours — black or sand

  • GREY

    This is a neutral tinit that delivers natural colour definition and contrasts. Ideal for everyday use in bright light conditions where enhanced contrast is not required. grey features 15% light transmission.


    Amber is effective at absorbing most blue light waves which sharpens visual acuity, improving depth perception and contrast in variable light conditions. Amber is popular for fishing, driving and general use. Amber features 14% light transmission.


    A general purpose tint that heightens depth perception and object definition by effectively filtering scattered blue light to improve contrast. Ideal for skiing, fishing and all flat light conditions. Copper features 16% light transmission.


    A long time standard in ski and shooting sports, yellow provides excellent depth perception and dramatic contrast in low light. Improves contrast and gives a sensation of heightened visual acuity in low light conditions. Yellow features 27% light transmission.

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