Quick-dry beach, active & travel towels

Dock & Bay give you everything you want in a towel. Made from microfibre, they are lightweight and absorbent, yet dry extra quick. They take up minimal space – you can easily fit 4 or 5 in your bag at once. Soft, smooth and luxurious, Dock & Bay towels are thicker, more plush and of a higher quality than standard microfibre towels. They are the largest microfibre towels available and the range includes the world’s first round microfibre towel.

The built-in elastic hook makes them easy to hang up and the stylish cotton bag provides easy storage. On top of all the features, the eye catching colours mean the towels and bags look great wherever you take them.

Advantages of microfibre vs cotton towels

  • Dries more than 50% faster than cotton
  • Absorbs over twice its own weight
  • Doesn’t retain bad odours like cotton
  • Weighs 50% less
  • Takes up 45% less room = compact and convenient