Worldwide power solutions for technology that travels

Eliminate the frustration of running out of power for your electronic devices!

Everyone has experienced the annoyance of having their cell phone, iPod, laptop or camera run out of battery at the worst possible moment. Or had the hassle of having to take four different chargers plus international power adaptors on overseas trips.

The award winning Powertraveller range of portable chargers will make these hassles a thing of the past. They will charge your devices no matter how far from civilisation you are. Supplied with multiple adaptors, one Powertraveller product can charge a range of different devices, removing the need to carry various chargers!

Designed to military specifications and tested in some of the toughest environments on the planet, Powertraveller products can be relied on to perform in any situation.

Powertraveller produces a range of products to suit different needs, from the powerchimp which is a great backup charger for cellphones and iPods, to the powergorilla which can charge laptops.

Most Powertraveller products even have the capability to recharge using solar power, so you can continue to recharge your devices without requiring mains power—perfect for long outdoor expeditions or emergency situations where mains power might be unavailable for extended periods of time.

Charge your devices wherever your adventures take you with Powertraveller’s range of ultra compact, tough, powerful and water resistant portable chargers.

Powertraveller: a travel essential